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Improve Your Marriage Through Anger Management & Argument Resolution

This post was originally published on Disagreements are a natural part of any close relationship. It is how you deal with those differences that determines the quality of your …

Personal Development

How to Prevent Comparison from Ruining Your Life (+ FREE Affirmations Printable)

Comparison is well and truly the thief of joy.  How many times have you felt good about yourself only to come across a photo, status, or story on social media …


It’s Okay If You’re Struggling (A Letter to Tired Moms in Ramadan)

It’s okay if you’re struggling. It’s okay if you’re not spending as much time in Dua and Dhikr as you’d planned to in Ramadan. It’s okay if you’re still spending …


How to Prepare for Ramadan (+ FREE Daily Planner)

(Updated February 2024) According to Imam Rabbani (ra), “Whoever spends Ramadan unsystematically and without planning, their entire year will be divergent and distracted. The one who prepares well for Ramadan …


9 Essential Duas Every Muslim Mom Should Know (+ FREE Printable)

Motherhood is full of blessings and equally full of challenges. As they say, when a baby is born, a mom is born too. There are ups and downs every day (sometimes …

Personal Development

5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With hundreds of new Covid-19 cases every day and constant updates on how many lives this pandemic has taken, it can be challenging to keep your anxiety at bay.  You …