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Happy Ever After: 7 Special Qualities of Couples in Successful Marriages

Marriage is based on mutual trust, love, intimacy, and respect. While every couple has their own unique dynamic and set of traits that they bring to the relationship, there are …


8 Important Tips for Dealing With an Emotionally Abusive Person

One of the common themes that emerges when I’m coaching someone is trauma and mental distress at the hands of someone who was emotionally and verbally abusive. Whether that’s a …


Improve Your Marriage Through Anger Management & Argument Resolution

This post was originally published on Disagreements are a natural part of any close relationship. It is how you deal with those differences that determines the quality of your …


13 Expert Relationship Tips for the First Year of Marriage

The first few years of marriage are crucial for establishing the foundation for your marriage. If your marriage is rooted in love, kindness, and mercy, your relationship will be able …