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Navigating Life’s Seasons: 15 Powerful Duas for Muslim Women (+ FREE Printable)

There are different seasons of life. Some are heavier than others, some are lighter. Some come as teachers, some as healers. Some seasons are for yourself and some you live …


5 Beautiful Lessons in Emotional Intelligence from the Story of Umm Salamah

I was recently studying the story of Umm Salamah (ra) for my class with young kids, and while I always remember the Dua she made when her husband passed away …


Improve Your Marriage Through Anger Management & Argument Resolution

This post was originally published on Disagreements are a natural part of any close relationship. It is how you deal with those differences that determines the quality of your …


9 Essential Duas Every Muslim Mom Should Know (+ FREE Printable)

Motherhood is full of blessings and equally full of challenges. As they say, when a baby is born, a mom is born too. There are ups and downs every day (sometimes …

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Quranic Dua for Marriage, Employment & Other Blessings (+ FREE Printable)

Can you imagine the desolation of a man who has been running for his life for days? Can you imagine his loneliness when he finally reaches a city far from …