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Care Nest is a place for Muslimahs to come together to learn how they can thrive in all areas of life while performing their various everyday roles. 

Who I Am

I’m Khadija, a certified life coach and Islamic counselor, and I’m passionate about helping Muslim girls and women gain meaning, balance, and contentment in their lives. 

I have over 7 years of experience in Islamic counseling and absolutely love what I do. I’ve extensively studied Islam for 4 years under the guidance of religious scholars, with subjects including Tafsir, Fiqh, Arabic, and Hadith. I’m a psychology graduate (gold medalist) and I’ve also gained certification for life coaching. 

My coaching practice merges Islamic teachings with psychological principles and research to offer holistic guidance and support to my clients.

I’m Muslim, I grew up in America and am settled in Pakistan, I’m a daughter, wife, and mother – all of these roles and identities allow me to better relate to people from the same cultural and religious background as myself.  

I keep your heart and its relationship with the Creator at the center of my coaching because there’s no peace in the world that can be found far from Him.

I write about things like personal development, Islamic spirituality, marriage, parenting, family relationships, and student life.

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What I Do

I help people find balance in their busy lives and fulfillment in their significant relationships. I help young women resolve interpersonal conflicts and make peace with past trauma in light of Islam.

I conduct premarital coaching and also provide married couples with the perspective they need to save their marriages. I guide young mothers on how to raise compassionate and strong little humans.

I help teenagers navigate identity issues and academic transitions, as well as learn how to communicate better with the important people in their lives.


If you are struggling to gain healing, inner peace, balance, and happiness, please allow me to assist you on your journey of personal development and growth.

Begin today. Life is too precious to waste a single more second feeling insecure, inadequate, and unhappy. Life is too precious to waste a single more second feeling disconnected and distant from Allah (swt).

Note: If you’re a non-Muslim and you’ve stumbled across Care Nest, welcome! While my religious background as a Muslim allows me to relate better to those who practice the same faith as me, my expertise as a life coach enables me to mentor people from a vast range of backgrounds and belief systems. Feel free to reach out to me to know more about how I can help you.

I can be reached at or you can connect with me via Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.