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Getting from where you are to where you want to be.

Overcoming procrastination and commitment phobia.

Fatima* opted for the Essential Care Package but quickly realized she’d need more sessions to get deeper into the root cause of the issues she was facing so she switched to the Premium Care Package. 

We worked on her:

  • habit of procrastination (understanding why she does it and how she can stop)
  • understanding of her sexual preferences and how they relate to her fears regarding commitment and marriage
  • inability to cope with stress, particularly academic stress
  • relationship with the close people in her life, including toxic friendships
  • relationship with Allah (swt), her spirituality, and priorities in life

Above all, we worked together in helping her get rid of the negative limiting beliefs she’d held about herself for so long! Alhumdulillah. 

Coping with anxiety and emotional abuse.

When we first started out, Aleena* was fearful, really hard on herself and anxious all the time. But masha Allah, after just 3 sessions, she began to notice some significant shifts in her thinking:

  • from being able to take a step back and not get triggered so easily when her parents attack her,
  • to not spiralling into full-on anxiety when she thinks about her future,
  • to having a much more positive connection with Allah (swt) based on love, not fear,
  • to generally having a much better mindset and feeling more at peace than ever before when just a month back, she’d hit rock bottom and couldn’t see a way out. 

Understanding spiritual abuse and self-love.

When Sumayya* first came to me, she was struggling with:

  • Her relationship with Allah (swt). She was anxious all the time thinking He hated her and wanted to punish her.
  • Her relationship with her parents who were emotionally abusive and harsh, going so far as to curse her for her life choices
  • Her relationship with her own self, feeling like she was a burden, that everyone hated her, and that time was running out for her because she was 25 and still unmarried. 

Over the course of 3 months, she went from being insecure and lost to feeling centered and much more balanced. Where before thinking about the future was difficult for her and would result in a lot of fear and anxiety, she’s now focused on what she wants and believes in her own strengths and capabilities. 

And the happiest moment for me as her coach? 

When she said that,

“I used to believe all the time that Allah (swt) was angry with me, that He hated me and would punish me. I struggled with that so much but I don’t believe that anymore. That’s completely gone from my head now.”


And let me be 100% transparent – the external factors in her life are pretty much still the same. But the reason for this transformation and healing, it’s all internal – her mindset, her heart, and her perceptions have all changed and made her so strong and positive now that she’s viewing and dealing with the same external factors in an entirely different manner. 

That’s the power of heart-centered coaching that focuses on not just your mental health, but your spirituality and emotional management as well. 

Rebuilding sense of identity and self-confidence after divorce.

Maha* came to me wanting to work on her weight loss, body image, and self-confidence. We worked together on her limiting beliefs, particularly how she felt unworthy since her childhood and after her divorce.

We also explored how she can regain control over her life by learning how to challenge her negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones that enhance her mental peace.

We concluded with premarital counseling because she now feels she has moved on and healed enough to feel open to the possibility of a new relationship. 

Navigating newlywed phase with a difficult mother-in-law.

Amna* was newly married and struggling with her relationship with a very toxic MIL when she came to me for 1-1 coaching. What was making her situation even more unbearable was not having anyone to talk to about her issues and feeling very alone and isolated with her challenges. 

Alhumdulillah, she left our sessions with much more clarity on how to proceed, knowing what to focus on and what to ignore. She felt so heard and validated and supported, alhumdulillah, but not in a way that makes her dependent on ME, the coach, to keep guiding her but in a way that teaches her how to trust herself and rely on Allah. 

I outlined some action steps for her at the end so she could hold on to who she is and not lose herself during this transition from single to married life. 

This is what makes coaching such a revolutionary experience – the support & help is all tailored to YOU and your specific circumstances. 

The guidance you’re provided enables you to make sense of your past and present struggles, teaches you how you can change the way YOU behave so you no longer stay stuck and fixated in negative thoughts, so you can begin to take back control of situations where the control seems to be completely taken from you and your boundaries are constantly being trampled all over. 

Learning effective anger management and boundary setting.

Asma* opted for the Premium Care Package a few months ago. When we started out, she was struggling with setting boundaries, with respecting herself, and especially with anger outbursts that had ruined several significant relationships in the past for her and damaged even more.

We worked together and she learned:

  • How to manage her expectations so she doesn’t have unrealistic, vague ones from her friends and family that lead to disappointment and resentment when unmet, and then come out through verbal anger and accusations
  • How to stay in touch with and regulate her emotions so they don’t run the show when she’s feeling frustrated
  • How to take a step back from heated situations to respond in a way that will preserve the relationship
  • How to improve her confidence and self-respect so she doesn’t let people walk all over her just to keep the peace
  • And so much more! These are huge mindset & behavioral shifts enabling her to now live a more authentic, happy, and fulfilled life.

Prior to coaching, she was stuck in cycles of suppressing her emotions when she felt hurt, letting people take advantage of her, then lashing out seemingly out of the blue and having people completely block her out of their lives. She wanted to change that but just couldn’t figure out how.

Coaching is a process tailored to each client, so for her, we worked primarily on effective boundary setting, on understanding and managing the demands in her life, on navigating emotional blackmail, and on how all of this impacts her relationship with herself and others.

Change that lasts, change that my clients can easily maintain even after our sessions are over – that’s my ultimate goal as their coach.

If you’re ready to make a one-time investment for your mental health and relationships that will give back to you in so many ways over the years, ways you can’t even imagine right now (trust me on this one) – reach out today.

*Names changed to maintain confidentiality.

So are you ready to begin living a life true to your values, passions, and goals?

Are you ready to heal emotionally and mentally, letting go of old baggage and moving on?

Are you ready to make an investment that keeps giving back?

Then I’m so glad you’re here!

I connect and work well with:

  • Young women in their 20s and 30s battling depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.
  • Women who are looking to get married or are newly married and trying to navigate the transition from single to marital life.
  • Mothers to young children who are struggling with their mental health, trying hard to balance everything and manage their responsibilities without losing themselves in the process.
  • Women who are dealing with marital issues and need someone who can understand their problems from a culturally sensitive POV.
  • Muslim women who are struggling with their spirituality and feeling lost in life, trying to find balance and meaning.