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Looking for a place away from the noise of social media to connect, grow, and learn? 

Join The Reading Nest, a one-of-a-kind virtual book club for Muslim women combining mental health and Islamic spirituality! 📚

Current Title (May-June 2024): “When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress” by Dr. Gabor Maté

Next Title (June-July 2024): “A Temporary Gift: Reflections on Love, Loss and Healing” by Asmaa Hussein

With the book club membership, you get:

  1. 60-90 minute calls on a bi-monthly basis with regular accountability check-ins.
  2. An online discussion platform to share your insights and questions related to the book.
  3. A certified life coach and mindfulness practitioner in training (me! 🙂 ) to facilitate discussions and offer guidance.
  4. A community of Muslim sisters on similar healing journeys for support and connection.

If this sounds like just the thing for you, sign up below! 

There are two main reasons I wanted to start this book club: 

1) I know there are many Muslim women out there who struggle with their mental health, but either they’re not yet ready to invest in professional help, OR they genuinely can’t afford the help they need. 

I understand both perspectives. 

So this book club is aimed to be a no-brainer, flexible option to help you become unstuck and find answers.

2) I know that not everyone needs extensive therapy or coaching, and Alhumdulillah for that! 

But you can always benefit from regularly working on your personal development and spirituality. 

There’s always room to learn more, grow more, connect more, and thrive more. 

This book club allows you to do just that, Alhumdulillah, in a way that’s both comfortable if you’ve got a busy schedule (with our meetings spaced out for once every 2 weeks), and also in a way that makes you feel supported and held in a safe community where you can take off the masks and be your true, authentic self.

Testimonials from Participants

Our mini confession session…

“It is such a wonderful feeling having a small group of sisters reading the same book and discussing it from different points of view. Listening to a fresh perspective always made me feel “wow – I never looked at this that way!”. It’s also our mini confession session.” – A.H. (India)

A space of love, care, and support…

“The Reading Nest is a space of love, care, support and of beneficial exchange. My trust issues find no place in the warm, trustful surrounding of my fellow sisters, who allow me to feel seen, heard and related to, Alhamdulillah. We pick books to read together and find beautiful wisdom in them with the support and experience of our leading life coach Khadija, who I have found to be both a great professional and the big sister I love and seek advice from. I particularly enjoy the possibility of reading a self-care book that moves me and to be hearing my sisters’ views on these passages as well – to go through the difficulty of healing with a group of fantastic women, alhamdulillah.” – H.G. (Germany)

The book club has become a sisterhood and I love the safe space that it provides for us…

“I find myself avoiding a lot on non-Islamic books especially when it comes to self development because I don’t know if I can relate to them; my values are based on Islam so I get really skeptical as to whether self development that’s not anchored in Islam would benefit me in the way Islamic books do. But this of course really limits my reading list. I enjoy this book club because we read book that are not necessarily based on Islamic teachings but discuss them from an Islamic point of view which makes more books accessible to me. We sometimes also read Islamic books which is also nice because I always enjoy connecting with people through the Deen. The book club has become a sisterhood and I love the safe space that it provides for us to be open and honest with ourselves and each other.” – M.T. (United Kingdom)