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✿ The best thing I’ve ever had for my mental health.

“I’ve loved the coaching I received from Khadija! It’s truly changed my life in so many ways and it’s something I’m going to remember, forever. The best therapist I’ve ever had and I’ve never felt so seen and understood, until now. Truly the best thing I’ve ever had for my mental health.” – A.M. (Australia)

✿ I wholeheartedly recommend starting with Care Nest coaching.

“Whoever comes to me and tells me that they need counselling, I can wholeheartedly recommend starting with Care Nest and seeking counselling with Khadija. I am so grateful that I have been able to do this, alhamdulillah. There are aspects within me that I have not allowed myself to look into, less even to talk about. Being able to do so with a qualified life coach, who has this much compassion, experience and understanding, who has not judged me or made me feel lesser than but helped me accept my humanness and the existence of my emotions, was like a relief. I do not have to wait to die in order to get away from the negativity within me. I can be a light for myself and the ones around me – with Allah’s will, help and permission alhamdulillah. I can be helped alhamdulillah. To be heard is so very underrated. Thank you for listening to me, Khadija. And thank you for all of your advice. I truly needed it.” – H.IG. (Germany)

✿ I discovered who I truly am.

“Before meeting Khadija, I was at a very low place in my life. Not just in terms of who I was, but also in terms of what I wanted in my life, what my goals were, how to manage my emotions, how to react to other people. Speaking to her, completing her workbooks and opening up about my problems really helped me to view life from a different perspective. The coaching sessions helped me discover who I truly am, what I want, and what I’ve been doing wrong so far.” – S.A. (United Kingdom)

✿ I can see visible improvement in my mental health after our sessions.

“I have started to feel like I have more control over my life. I have started to identify and get rid of negative thoughts. My overall experience with coaching was really good and I can see visible improvement in my mental health now a few weeks after our session ended. JazakAllah for helping me in getting over my negative emotions!” – M.M. (Pakistan)

✿ Khadija helped me navigate some very tough times.

“Khadija really helped me navigate and make sense of some very tough times. She helped me put a lot of things that were just an unorganised chaotic mess of thoughts into constructive and structured thoughts. I also learnt a lot about who I am and how to be comfortable with that which has brought a lot of peace for me. I now consciously make the effort to choose a healthy and joyous life in the name of Allah SWT. Jazak Allah khayr, Khadija.” – M.T. (United Kingdom)

✿ I’m able to show myself grace and love without beating myself up.

“I used to suffer extensively from fear and I lost hope in myself. These coaching sessions gave me a new lens in how I view myself and I view the world. Khadija really showed me what I feel is valid even if the people around me tell me otherwise and she also taught me how to draw the line from giving too much and exhausting myself and at the same time respecting the people most closest to me. I had a safe space to talk about what I couldn’t to other people. I’m able to show myself grace and love without beating myself up for a mistake I did.” – A.H. (Nigeria)

✿ I really benefited from coaching with Khadija.

“I really benefitted from coaching with Khadija. It was something I needed to work through some of my issues and get myself going. She helped me understand that I need to be more lenient and forgiving of myself, especially to combat the negative self talk and pressure to get things done. The journal that she prepared for me was extremely helpful as well, it showed how well she listened. I’ve managed to form a healthy daily schedule as well and Alhamdulillah already made improvements in my spirituality.” – R.C. (USA)

✿ Everyone should go for coaching.

“I’m thankful to Khadija for showing me my own positive side, reminding me of my good intentions and praising me for the bravery I displayed in some of the hardest moments of my life. I was able to see myself in a new light, not the disappointing, selfish, or evil person I had been conditioned into believing I was. The empathy and support I received was not only beneficial for me, but also helped me to show more kindness to those around me.  I think every person, even those who may be mentally strong/healthy should go for coaching. It really improves you as a person. Everyone should go for coaching.” – F.K. (Pakistan)

✿ Coaching had a profound effect on my life.

“The coaching I’ve received has had a profound effect on my life. A type of effect that I didn’t know existed when I was at my worst and was also what I was looking for. I learned to accept things and dig deeper into the reasoning behind some of my emotions. I was able to get a different perspective on life and figure out how to cope better.” – S.S. (USA)

✿ Khadija’s method of coaching is amazing.

“Taking this coaching with Khadija was a wonderful experience. Her method of coaching is amazing. I could talk a lot about myself and the problems in my life freely. She made me look at my life’s problems with a different perspective. The best thing about her is that, she tries to make you closer to Allah (swt). Because if you have a good relation with Allah then everything in your life becomes easy and beautiful.” – S.A. (Pakistan)

✿ I loved every second of it.

“The coaching was great and I loved every second I spent learning about life and religion with dear Khadija. After undergoing coaching, I am approaching my thoughts in a more positive and forgiving manner. The most important lesson I’ve learned from coaching is that Allah loves me.” – M.H. (Saudi Arabia)

✿ I figured out how to balance my life.

“There are so many other ways that I can elaborate on how beneficial the sessions have been to me, but figuring out how to balance my life with the help of Khadija was a big one for me. Something that I found important and healing during our sessions was how Khadija has never invalidated any of my feelings, experiences, emotions, etc. She did not judge me in any way, but went out of her way to understand me, see where I’m coming from and most importantly, listen to what I was experiencing. I really appreciated that, and I feel like that’s one of the reasons why I was able to feel comfortable around Khadija, be open to her, and to actually apply her advice mindfully.” – A.A. (Malaysia)

✿ I am far more positive and self-confident now.

“I really appreciate the sessions and discussions with Khadija. It gave me a non-judgmental safe-space to share my thoughts, feelings, situations without fear of being dismissed as unreasonable. I was desperately seeking acknowledgement and validation in my life when I started the coaching sessions, Khadija gave me that and also helped me accept my feelings/instincts while doing so. I am far more positive and self-confident now versus how I felt when I started coaching. I still go through phases with emotional ups and downs, I am still trying to better navigate through situations while keeping focus on my mental health, however, I am a lot more in control of my emotions and able to bounce back quickly now versus before.”