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Personal Development

How to Ace Your Exams – 15 Easy Study Tips Based on Islamic Teachings & Psychological Research

Do you have exams coming up soon? Maybe the entire school year or semester feels like just one deadline after another. I know the feeling. So here are some of …

Personal Development Spirituality

Islamic Positivity: The Forgotten Sunnah of Husn Dhann

Much of our mental distress would be cured if we just brought one Sunnah back into our lives – the lost Sunnah of Husn Dhann. Husn Dhann can be translated …


13 Expert Relationship Tips for the First Year of Marriage

The first few years of marriage are crucial for establishing the foundation for your marriage. If your marriage is rooted in love, kindness, and mercy, your relationship will be able …

Relationships Spirituality

Quranic Dua for Marriage, Employment & Other Blessings (+ FREE Printable)

Can you imagine the desolation of a man who has been running for his life for days? Can you imagine his loneliness when he finally reaches a city far from …

Personal Development

10 Lessons I Learned While Training to Be a Life Coach

Do you ever find yourself wishing that if only the countless hours you spent at school had prepared you better for dealing with the challenges that adult life would bring? …