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Personal Development

How to Find Yourself Again If You’re Lost: A Muslim Woman’s Guide to Getting Unstuck

Can you remember the last time you felt like YOURSELF? When you felt completely present in the moment, felt content with who you are, felt exhilarated by knowing your purpose …

Personal Development

How to Thrive as a Stay At Home Wife & Mom (20 Tips From a Life Coach & Islamic Counselor)

The title of an Urdu book is, “Jo Tum Muskurao Tau Sab Muskurayein”. If you were to smile, everyone would smile with you.  I feel this sentence is so apt …

Personal Development

3 Types of Goals to Make This New Year (+ FREE Worksheet)

While I don’t buy into the “new year, new me” mentality, I do believe that any time we’re in a reflective, introspective mood, we should use the opportunity to reassess …

Personal Development

10 Lessons I Learned While Training to Be a Life Coach

Do you ever find yourself wishing that if only the countless hours you spent at school had prepared you better for dealing with the challenges that adult life would bring? …